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Telemarketing List

Telemarketing is the oldest and most common way of mass marketing. It is used for a wide range of products and services from almost every industry. The Telemarketing List from Leo Data Services is an extensive list of telephone numbers of people who might be looking to buy products. The Telemarketing Metrics are used by marketers in almost every industry. It could be an automobile, insurance, shelf products, books as well as accessories. Moreover, nowadays, fitness, credit card in addition to tourism industries have joined the fray. Our telemarketing list provides only the most prospective leads with appropriate segmentation. These are necessary as it helps telemarketers promote appropriate goods and services to only the most promising customers. So, the Consumer Telemarketing Lists is a great source of potential leads for telemarketers to pursue as well as convert.

Our list contains:
First name, last name, postal address, email ids, fax, telephone no., company name, company address, employee details, zip code, city, state, country.

Why choose the Small Business Lists from Leo Data Services?
In the competitive world of telemarketing, it is very important to have a list of prospective leads ready in hand. We, at Leo Data Services, know the value of good leads and strive to provide the same. Our data specialists compile telemarketing lists after researching about demographics, income parity, population density together with market speculation. Our meticulous approach ensures that our lists contain only the most promising lists. We not only compile lists but also verify and append them to ensure accuracy. Additionally, we undertake deduplication to ensure that any future re-work is unnecessary.

Source of Our Email Lists
» Regional inquiry database together with yellow pages
» Licensing agreements and business tie-ups
» Newsletter subscriptions as well as publications

Features of our Email list
» Extremely comprehensive
» Our segmentation makes it very user-friendly as well as data-rich
» Very affordable


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