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Email Marketing Lists For Sale

Email marketing is the very heart of digital marketing. Marketers are in constant need of reliable email lists in order to pursue leads. The Email Marketing Lists For Sale from Leo Data Services is a comprehensive email list of highly promising leads to pursue a marketing campaign. This email list provides leads from almost every industry. It not only has email ids of professionals but also of homemakers. Our email marketing database caters to digital marketers from nearly every industry. It is a valuable asset for sending promotional emails showcasing certain products to preferring leads. In addition to this, we also segment our email lists according to sector, income as well as preferences. This is done to assist marketers in knowing customers’ choices and promote only the desired product or service. We have a long history of optimizing data and providing solutions for digital marketing.

Our list contains:

First name, last name, postal address, email ids, fax, telephone no., company name, company address, employee details, zip code, city, state, country.

Why choose the Email Marketing Lists For Sale from Leo Data Services?

Leo Data Services is a world leader in providing accurate and invest-able market intelligence. Our email lists consolidate digital marketing efforts for products in every industry. Additionally, we undertake data appending and de-duplication coupled with verification for all of our email lists. Furthermore, we guarantee that all our mailing lists are up-to-date with only the very latest information.

Source of Our Email Lists

• Research into digital marketing coverage
• Survey about online marketing tactics
• Percentage of marketing resources allocated to digital marketing
• Responses from candidates for receiving a call to action.

Features of our List Building Services

• Very user-friendly as well as data-rich
• Very cost effective
• Proper segmentation

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