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Direct Marketing Strategies

Direct mail marketing is probably the oldest and most common method of marketing. Its been in use for almost a century. It involves sending postal mails to prospective customers to promote a product or a service. The Direct Marketing Strategies from Leo Data Services is a reliable direct marketing service that helps vendors or manufacturers promote their products by post. The Direct Mail Marketing Services is the largest and most reliable marketing service from Leo Data Services. Moreover, we have a repository of thousands of addresses of promising leads to pursue in a marketing drive. We have a long and glorious history of providing marketing solutions to industry leaders in every sector. Our dedicated team of data specialists ensures that our customers’ mailing information is accurate as well as up-to-date. Join us and watch your marketing efforts yield the desired ROI
Our list contains:
First name, last name, postal address, fax, telephone no., company name, company address, employee details, zip code, city, state, country.
Why choose the Direct Marketing Strategies from Leo Data Services?
We know the need of actionable market data for a successful direct marketing campaign. The Direct Mail Services from Leo Data Services has nothing but the best and unique customer data. Our data scientists glean the customer information from research and survey into geography, demographics, purchasing power and so on. Additionally, we undertake verification and deduplication for our repository of consumer data. With our direct marketing services, you can be sure to have greater rates of lead conversion, customer retention coupled with positive response from customers.
Source of our customer details
• Yellow pages as well as newsletter subscriptions
• Inquiry directories and municipal records
Features of our Direct Marketing Strategies
• Accurate customer information together with up-to-date addresses
• Data-rich
• Affordable
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