SIC Code Matching

For advanced matching rate, search SIC Codes from Leo Data Services as the firm has come up with the updated and Accurate Industry SIC Codes List. SIC codes are 6 digit codes that are customized to classify industries. For better accuracy, if the customer provides the SIC code along with a description then it can be helpful in tracing out the exact matching.

The objective of SIC Codes for Business and Direct Marketing Service is to target the desired audience group and help in classifying the customer or prospect by industry type. Once the SIC code of the prospects is matched with the records at your business database, it adds brand value and yields more revenue in terms of promotions of services and products as well as successful marketing campaigns. SIC code matching service plays an important role in gaining customer satisfaction and meeting up the quality standards of the customer's database

Benefits :

  • Industry SIC Codes List helps in detecting exact matching
  • Direct marketing Services targets the desired audience type
  • Classifying the customer or prospect by industry type becomes easier with SIC Code for Business services
  • Adds more brand value and revenue to the products and services
  • Meets up to the customer's data standards

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