Data Matching Services

Afford out cutting edge Data Matching Service for managing fast paced data matching support along with reaching niche audience.

Data Enhancement Services from Leo Data Services covers Data Mining solutions for quality gathering of available data from clients or other sources, followed by compiling and then the collected data will be compared with our master database that contains the complete contact details of prospects. Finally, we verify them with our advanced validation tools to provide you with the latest relevant information at vastly lower costs than manual methods.


  • Our Data Mining involves collecting of data by uniqueness of information for single customer database concept or prospects for sales call
  • We continue with enhanced Data Matching to identify and spot out the duplicate records in customer files or prospects lists
  • To match new account applications to existing customer and sales campaign files, our Data Matching Service comes handy
  • To check conformity in order to discover unmatched, miss-matched or irrelevant records, our Data Mining solutions are apt

Benefits :

  • Upgrade new information from an existing data with our Data Quality Management
  • To match and make proper usage of data that is considered to be of substandard quality and finding missing, erroneous, invalid and inconsistent data, make use of Data Matching Services
  • Data Quality Management assists to access data easily in any format and from any source as quickly as possible
  • Our Data Quality Management as well allows to acquire data from an infinite number of sources using flexible criteria
  • To share data from a number of sources - an enhanced database with Data Matching Service

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